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The ramifications of Jeffrey Epstein’s death over the weekend are still playing out in Washington. Attorney General William Barr announced the

Justice Department is opening an investigation

into Epstein’s suicide. Meanwhile, President Trump

fueled the conspiracy theory machine by promoting a baseless claim

that the Clinton family was somehow linked to Epstein’s death. The multimillionaire financier and accused sex trafficker killed himself while in Federal Custody awaiting trial, and

questions linger

over why Epstein

wasn’t under suicide watch

at the time of his death. Another question:

What will happen to the legal cases against him

? Experts say plaintiffs can still sue Epstein’s estate, and prosecutors could pursue related criminal cases involving Epstein’s associates or employees.

The 2020 Democrats made their mark on Iowa this weekend, in what was supposed to be a proving ground for the presidential hopefuls. The prospective candidates flipped pork chops at the Iowa State Fair and delivered major speeches, policy proposals — and gaffes. Despite making a warm impression with voters in the early-voting primary state, Joe Biden also made several errors,

referring to “white kids” when he meant “wealthy kids,”

confusing former British Prime Minister Theresa May with Margaret Thatcher and

erroneously stating he was Vice President

at the time of last year’s Parkland shooting. Gun violence was a major topic for the contenders. In an emotional moment, Democratic candidate

Andrew Yang broke down during a town hall on gun violence

in Des Moines while talking with a woman who said she lost her daughter to a stray bullet. Sen. Kamala Harris

beat back attacks from the NRA

over her proposed line of gun reform laws. 

3. Hong Kong

The weeks-long protests flooding Hong Kong have spilled over into Hong Kong’s international airport,

grounding flights and paralyzing one of Asia’s largest air travel hubs

. All flights departing from the airport have been canceled, and stranded travelers are saying there are no staff members to give information or assistance. Some incoming flights are also being grounded or diverted. More than 5,000 protesters are camping out in the airport today, and while there are a few individual claims of police brutality floating about, the scene on the ground is reportedly chaotic but not violent.

4. Oslo mosque shooting

The Norwegian capital of Oslo was on edge this weekend after

a man opened fire in a nearby mosque

on Saturday. No one was killed in the attack and police reported

worshipers were able to overpower the assailant

, but the incident still raises serious concerns about the spread of radical right-wing rhetoric. On Sunday, police revealed the suspect, a Norwegian man in his 20s, expressed right-wing sympathies online and praised figures like Vidkun Quisling, the leader of Norway under Nazi occupation during World War II. The shooting is being investigated as a “possible act of terrorism.” The suspect has also been charged with the murder of a woman found dead in his home shortly after the attack, identified as the man’s 17-year-old stepsister. 

5. India monsoon

Two deadly storms have affected thousands of people in Asia, and the danger isn’t over yet. More than 150 are dead

after heavy monsoon rains in India caused devastating landslides and floods

. More than 165,000 others have been forced to evacuate their homes. In China, at least 32 people have died and 16 more are missing after

Typhoon Lekima battered the coast

. Most of the victims were killed when torrential downpours caused a landslide which blocked a river, sweeping victims into the water. 


Simone Biles became the first woman to land a triple-double during a gymnastics competition this weekend

Watching soccer can be good for your health 

Guess yelling at the TV for 90 minutes

really does burn some calories


Natural Light is now making hard seltzer

For people who think light beer is just, you know,

TOO bold and flavorful


Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth reportedly separate 

Woman regrets taking photo with live octopus that bit her face

You mess with the octopus,

you get the…tentacles



“I understand that the girl is upset and I get that. But her father committed a crime.”

Mark Morgan

, acting commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection,

addressing the emotional video of an 11-year-old girl pleading for the return of her father

who was detained in the widespread Mississippi ICE raids last week. 



The number of firearms, as of Sunday, that

New Zealand residents have given up

since a nationwide buyback program went into effect on July 13. The buyback program is part of the New Zealand government’s response to the Christchurch attacks in March, the worst mass shooting in the country’s history. 



Is this real life?

A very clever internet user used “deepfake” technology to make over the live-action “Lion King,” and the results are pretty impressive! (

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