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All CS2 weapon and knife skins in the Kilowatt Case Dot Esports

Alongside a massive Counter-Strike 2 content update on Feb. 6, 2024, Valve has introduced the sequel’s first-ever weapon case—the Kilowatt Case.

Featuring 17 unique community-designed skins, including the new Kukri Knife and the first-ever skin for the Zeus, the Kilowatt Case is available to open right now after the A Call to Arms update went live—if you can get your hands on one. It’s understood the Kilowatt Case will be available as part of the player’s weekly drops, but you can always purchase them on the Steam Community Market if you’re desperate to get your hands on one of the skins first.

Here’s a look at every skin in the Kilowatt Case in CS2.

Every skin in the Kilowatt Case in CS2

Mil-Spec (Rare, Blue)

Dual Berettas | Hideout

A custom finish for the Dual Berrettas, the Hideout, in CS2.
One of the better-looking blues in a while. Screenshot by Dot Esports

MAC-10 | Light Box

The MAC-10 | Light Box weapon in CS2.
Neon purple. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Nova | Dark Sigil

The Nova | Dark Sigil weapon in CS2.
The wolf’s howl in the night. Screenshot by Dot Esports

SSG 08 | Dezastre

The SSG 08 | Dezastre weapon in CS2.
Loving a touch of red here. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Tec-9 | Slag

The Tec-9 | Slag weapon in CS2.
Did I fire 9 shots or 18? Screenshot by Dot Esports

UMP-45 | Motorized

The UMP-45 | Motorized weapon in CS2.
The engine room of the SMG collection. Screenshot by Dot Esports

XM1014 | Irezumi

The XM1014 | Irezumi weapon in CS2.
Can’t go wrong with gold and black. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Restricted (Mythical, Purple)

Glock-18 | Block-18

The Glock-18 | Block-18 weapon in CS2.
Don’t step on this one. Screenshot by Dot Esports

M4A4 | Etch Lord

The M4A4 | Etch Lord weapon in CS2.
Custom-fit. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Five-Seven | Hybrid

The Five-Seven | Hybrid weapon in CS2.
This reminds me of a forest, only purple. Screenshot by Dot Esports

MP7 | Just Smile

The MP7 | Just Smile weapon in CS2.
Interesting color choices here. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Sawed-Off | Analog Input

The Sawed Off | Analog Input weapon in CS2.
Is the TV broken? Screenshot by Dot Esports

Classified (Legendary, Pink)

M4A1-S | Black Lotus

The M4A1-S | Black Lotus weapon in CS2.
“Adds two kills during rifle round, then is discarded.” Screenshot by Dot Esports

Zeus x27 | Olympus

The Zeus | Olympus weapon in CS2.
Zeus on a Zeus. Screenshot by Dot Esports

USP-S | Jawbreaker

The USP-S | Jawbreaker weapon in CS2.
The pick of the bunch. Screenshot by Dot Esports

AWP | Chrome Cannon

The AWP | Chrome Cannon weapon in CS2.
It’s literally chrome. I need one right now. Screenshot by Dot Esports

AK-47 | Inheritance

The AK-47 | Inheritance in CS2.
Quite regal. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Exceedingly Rare – Kukri Knife

A player holds a Kukri Knife outside of a plane in CS2.
To the point. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Kukri Knife is the first knife to be added to CS2, and the first knife in Counter-Strike since 2019’s Operation Shattered Web. It’s a slight cross between the Huntsman and the Navaja, with a thick blade and sharp point, and is available in numerous finishes including:

  • Vanilla
  • Blue Steel
  • Boreal Forest
  • Case Hardened
  • Crimson Web
  • Fade
  • Forest DDPAT
  • Night Stripe
  • Safari Mesh
  • Scorched
  • Slaughter
  • Stained
  • Urban Masked

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